Hammond, Louisiana is at the perfect crossroads of small-town living and big-city activities. Downtown Hammond has more than 120 shops offering window shoppers—or the strolling shopper— an opportunity to let their minds wander.

Boutiques, local restaurants and local art and antique shops line the downtown streets, while just a short drive down West Thomas Street and Railroad Avenue gives you access to the nation’s leading department stores with limitless shopping possibilities.

With nearly 2.5 million square feet of retail space, and more than 1300 stores, you will never run out of places to shop in Hammond.


Imagine…a warm, breezy summer, a frozen coffee in hand, reading the paper or talking with friends, sitting in a courtyard as the big city life passes you by. That’s downtown Hammond.

Restaurants, coffee shops, specialty stores, salons and fitness centers intermingled with quiet businesses give downtown Hammond the edge.

Enjoy a pleasant day browsing boutiques and finding great deals. From handmade jewelry to upscale retail stores, downtown Hammond is the place to shop.

A bustling downtown mixes work and pleasure for a great edge on shopping.

Hammond Square

Hammond Square is Tangipahoa’s premier shopping destination, offering a dynamic mix of national retailers, as well as local shops and extraordinary restaurants. The stores you love are everywhere – from major retailers to regional favorites.

Experience fun family dining at Santa Fe Cattle Co. or one of our other casual eateries, and enjoy dessert at our specialty food shops.

Come check out Hammond Square where fashion, food and family fun are all in one place.

With 850,000 square feet, a strategic location at the intersection of I-55 and I-12 on US Highway 51, and tree-lined avenues for shopping in world-class stores, Hammond Square puts Hammond on the edge of the best shopping around.

West Thomas, Morrison, and University Shopping Corridors

Every great city needs a great place to shop. And Hammond offers more than just one. From downtown shops to world-class shopping centers, Hammond has it all. When it comes to groceries and supplies, Hammond has that covered too. West Thomas Street, Morrison Avenue, and University Avenue are the corridors for the one-stop shopper for everything in the house. Hobby stores, grocers and fruit stands line some of the busiest highways on the Northshore.

Large food retailers and discount retailers along with specialty retailers give shoppers another edge on what they need. Whether it be ice cream or locally grown strawberries, the three corridors are the place to go.

Hometown bakeries turn out some of the best bread and doughnuts, and local fresh markets have the sweetest strawberries in the country…grown right in Hammond’s backyard.

Whether it’s the latest fashion trends or the best and freshest produce… Hammond has the edge on it all.

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