Mission - About

Our mission is to be the leader of and catalyst for strategies and services, which promote economic vitality in the Greater Hammond Community.

Guiding Precept

The Guiding Precept for the Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce is RELEVANCE. We want to ensure the Greater Hammond Chamber remains relevant to our members and the community at large by following the program of work listed below.

Program of Work

  1. Identity - Rebranding the Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce to enhance our reputation and heighten visibility through emphasis of relevance
  2. Tools for Success - Providing relevant information, resources and business support that will propel members toward success
  3. Collaboration - Partnering with organizations and/or entities to lead efforts regarding community issues relevant to the success of business
  4. Advocacy - Facilitating education of elected officials and constituants on relevant legislative issues and public policy with potential direct impact on member businesses
Premier Level Members